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Dagger and sheath sketch just cause.
Dumpling #sketch #drawing #lunch #yummy #doodle
Ursula for Sketch Dailies over on twitter. Inspired by Phil Noto.
#sketch #doodle
Lunch sketch.

Harebrained Schemes | Shadowrun: Dragonfall

Excited to share what I’ve been doing at work! Shadowrun: Dragonfall will be out Feb. 27, 2014! Here is the trailer and some screenshots! :) I worked on the environments - concept/design, props, and world building.

Color, light, and texture study of one of the pieces I saw at the Anders Zorn show last weekend.
Having a night where I can’t seem to paint or draw anything. So here is some Princess Mononoke fanart I did a while back.

Light Grey Art Lab: Artist Interview with Jenn Tran


Hey everyone! I recently had an awesome opportunity to do an Artist Interview with Light Grey Art Lab. I talk about my piece for 6 Degrees, my professional work (including what I’ve done/doing on Shadowrun), personal work, and a few goals for 2014 ;).

You can also view all the amazing work in the 6 Degrees exhibition online!

Check it out!